Testimonials about Anita

rock guitar teacher Hamilton ON

“Anita is a fantastic guitar teacher. I have had a number of guitar teachers, but none of them have quite compared. I went from strumming to soloing in a few short months. It was an excellent experience.” B.P.

“Anita is a great teacher. I have recommended her to several other families. She develops a warm relationship with her students and really listens to them when they express an interest in a particular genre of music. She is a real musician in her own right and teaches a wide variety of music on a variety of guitars. She brings out the best in her students. Her annual musical review allows her students to share what they have learned with their families and friends in a comfortable, non-threatening, and accepting homey environment. Now that my son has headed to university I really miss listening to their weekly jam sessions in the basement. It was a pleasure to have had Anita into my home each week for my son’s lessons (and my dog really misses her too!).” C.M.

“I have been with Anita June for one year now and I love it. She has a really relaxed vibe and she is very patient. Working with her for how long I have has allowed me to gain skills I can now use for the rest of my life. My favourite part overall is that I get to learn what I want and at my own pace. It has been an overall positive experience and I recommend it to ANYONE who shows an interest in guitars or bass.” K.H.

“Anita June isn’t just a talented teacher, she is a patient one. She structures her programs to suit the personality of the student, taking into account differing musical tastes. What this means is that students end up playing songs they like and that their friends like. Gone are the days of forced scales and “Bah-Bah Black Sheep.” T.M.