About Anita June Smith, music instructor

I started out on bass guitar and vocals in a few punk bands. I switched to guitar to improve my songwriting and taught myself from records, books and friends. After playing and writing material for funk, folk and rock bands, I felt I’d gone as far as I could on my own. I studied for four years at Humber College’s Music Program (mostly jazz) and graduated with honours in 1999.

I was a music teacher for Toronto Parks and Rec from ’95 to 2000, and worked in two private schools. I began teaching my own students in 1999, and work in greater Hamilton and Burlington.

I’ve published original music, played many live shows, and ran the mixing board in clubs and studios.

My varied background allows me to provide a range of skills and teaching styles to all ages, with a practical hands on approach. Since I love music and love helping others enjoy it, I make lessons effective, fun, and exciting.

I belong to the following organizations:

Help with the craft of songwriting. Workshops, webinars, demo panels and newsletters songwriters.ca

Canadian copyright collective for musical works, protecting the performing rights of members socan.ca

Assistance for professional musicians living and working in Canada cfmusicians.org