hand drummer

Hamilton studio lessons

  • 1/2 hr – $18.00
  • 45 min. – $25.00
  • 1 hr – $30.00

In home lessons

  • 1/2 hr – $30.00
  • 45 min. – $35.00
  • 1 hr – $40.00

There’s no registration fee and no tax 

I spend 20 to 30 minutes preparing each lesson.

You can share a lesson if it’s back to back in the same location.

Gift certificates available

Included at no extra charge:

Optional participation in yearly concert.

MP3 or CD of instructor’s examples.

Instrument info – care, buying, renting. Selecting the most appropriate instrument for you or your child.

Support for open stages and jams.

Advice on practicing and encouraging a person’s interest.

Showing you how to figure out songs you’re struggling with.

Dealing with stage fright and performing issues.