Rent a Drum Set at Soundsmith

Beginner drummers – rent a condo sized drum set from me, and save the time travelling to a music store. The kit comes with hardware and is the same size as the one on the drum lesson page. ($15 a month). An easy way to try drumming without the commitment of owning.

Links for musicians

Local Music Stores Mountain Music The Music Stand Long & McQuade – Stony Creek and Burlington The Acoustic Room Instrument Rentals Drums Online Music Gear & Parts – Canada Find other musicians Bandmix Help for musicians and songwriters Canadian Musicians Union Local 293 Canadian performing rights org Instrument Makers… Read More >

Free Digital Media Lab

What can you do for free at Hamilton Public Library’s digital media labs? Tons! Such as: Record and mix your own songs, Use the electronic drum kit and keyboard MIDI controller, Shoot and edit a short film. Let your creative side run wild at the Terryberry and Red Hill Branches, and Central Branch in late 2015 Book a session… Read More >

Guitar Amp with bluetooth effects and track streaming.

Line6 has come out with amp you can control wirelessly from a handheld device. Play tracks, control effects, or download preset tones. You can connect and record to computer via USB.

Battery powered portable PA

Play a gig anywhere even without a power outlet. Rechargeable, lightweight speakers with built in 4 channel mixer. Go anywhere and run it for 20hrs on one charge. Stream music from your device with Bluetooth, or a wireless mic. Awesome!

Where does the guitar strap button go?

New acoustic guitars come with one strap button. You buy the other one (@ $5)  and attach it. This link shows 5 choices of places, and has tips on how to do it. Thank-you Dan Erlewine.

Make custom length instrument cables without solder

Need cables of a specific length but the store doesn’t carry them? This kit makes it easy to make them any length you want, with your choice of right-angle or straight plugs. Best of all, its quick and there’s no soldering. High quality plugs and cable. This link shows how