GarageBand Lessons

learn music software

Garageband does it all, combining a recording studio, instrument loops, and built in synths in a powerful and intuitive software program. For use by musicians and non-musicians alike. Best of all, it’s free for iPad, iPhone and laptops. Save yourself hours of frustration with the flimsy manual, and create music anywhere.

Choose any topics:

  • manipulating loops & making your own loops
  • recording instruments & vocals (including karaoke)
  • making backing tracks for vocals or dancing
  • panning, effects & compression for mixing
  • exporting tracks to devices & websites

  • creating soundtracks for video clips & slideshows
  • advanced mixing, looping & MIDI editing
  • song-writing tools
  • file formats, podcasting, & importing files
  • creating drum & keyboard tracks with built-in synth

1 hr classes – at the studio $42, in home $60