Bass Guitar

teenage bass player

Bass is fun and fairly easy to play. It’s important in rock and pop and indispensable in dance music. No matter what the style, a good bass line gives a song strength and direction. Although similar to guitar, bass works more like a drummer with tones. As well as a flexible command of rhythm, a good bass player is sensitive to the activities of singers and other instruments.

Partial List of Bass Skills

  • Riffs
  • Playing with the fingers or pick
  • Patterns and Scales
  • Setting up grooves/ bringing phrases to life
  • Reading tablature and bass clef
  • Underpinning the melody
  • Creating a bass line that has variety, direction and attraction
  • What to play to correctly accompany chords
  • Blues bass lines
  • Jazz and walking bass lines
  • Secrets of Rhythm Soloing on bass